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    PetPhone is the world's first personal music player specially designed for pets.

Music is For EVERY Soul. Give a Gift of Music to Your Pet.

What is PetPhone?

LightningPets also enjoy music. Music can relax and calm down your pets during stressful situations. Music is a great source of entertainment when your pet is bored. Many attentive owners have noticed that soothing music can help to relax away their pets’ anxiety during thunderstorms, fireworks, vacuuming or visits from unusual guests.  Traveling and crowded places can also be a source of stress for your pets.

But many times you don’t want to listen to the same music for example, while driving, watching TV, on the phone, guests at your place etc. It is also not possible to keep the music on when you are walking/running outside with your dog, at a wedding/party or when traveling especially by public transportation.

dog earhuman earThe anatomy of the cat and dog ear differs from that of the human ear. Their ear canals are ‘L’-shaped and their ears are more sensitive to certain sounds. This is why regular headphones should not be used for our pets. PetPhone is specially designed for pets. It has lower volume settings which is more compatible for the animal ear.

PetPhone is the world’s first personal music player designed especially for pets. PetPhone avoids high volumes that can damage their hearing. PetPhone provides your pet with a customized playlist of music, allowing you the freedom to carry on with your routine activities such as watching television, talking on the phone, listening to music or entertaining your friends. 


petphone-ear-piecePetPhone is compact so your pet can enjoy music anywhere. Whether walking outside, going for a run, or in the presence of noisy trains and buses, PetPhone adds a soothing aura of calmness to situations that can stress out your pet. Traveling can now be even a more pleasant experience for both you and your pet with the PetPhone.