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Personal Music Player Specially Designed for Pets.

Give the gift of music to your pet.

Music helps to calm pets during excitement and anxiety.

And it looks COOL…

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Product Description

Music is for EVERY Soul…

PetPhone is the world’s first personal music player designed especially for your pet.

Unique Design

It is designed to fit comfortably over your pet’s neck and in to the ears.

Earpiece is designed for dog and cat ears. They are bigger than human earpieces and the sound is directed downwards by specially designed openings on its underside.

Plenty of Memory

Music player with 4 GB internal memory provides ample space for your pet’s favorite music. (Actual usable memory 3.68 GB)

This means over 900 mp3 songs worth over 60 hours of music for your pet.

Sound Pleasing to Pets

Sound frequency output is optimized for pets’ hearing. PetPhone eliminates extremely high sound frequencies (>20,000 Hz) disliked by dogs and cats.

Maximum volume is limited to 75 db. It is considered a safe level even when you set the volume high by accident. PetPhone is specially designed so most pets can take it off with front leg if it feels uncomfortable.

Safety First 

Earpieces are medical safe blue in color which is easier to identify. (All PetPhones will have blue earpieces)

Other Great Features

Sleep function will turn PetPhone off after a set time. Your pet will fall asleep faster and easier while listening to calming music.

Display on the PetPhone allows you to see the current music playing.

Rechargeable battery provides hours of juice for your PetPhone.

Auto off function will turn PetPhone off after a set time when not in use.

Easily add and remove songs by connecting PetPhone with your computer with provided USB wire.


Medium size will fit most dogs. PetPhone will fit if the distance between your dog’s ears is between 6 cm to 13 cm (Approximately 2.5 to 5 inches). It depends on the size of the head more than the size of the dog.

Measurement Tip: Measure total width of your 4 fingers held close together (In adults, it is about 7 cm). When you put your hand on your pet’s forehead, you will have approximate size of your dog’s head.

Each pet is different. Your pet may take few days to accept PetPhone it he/she doesn’t like anything around ears. But once your pet understands that it is safe and fun, your pet will enjoy the music and you will have a cool looking calm pet who is also tech savvy…

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White, Black



Internal Memory

4 GB

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  2. 5 out of 5


    Exactly what I wanted. My dog loves music while I am driving. Can’t wait to use it. Got one for my dad’s lab too. His birthday is coming soon, perfect timing.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have used my headphones on my dog during thunderstorms. This is great. I look forward to getting my PetPhone.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Great. This will help me during my next party to calm down my dog.

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