• Are dog and cat ears different than ours?

dog earhuman earYes. Our ear canal is horizontal without much turns but dogs and cats have roughly ‘L’ shaped ear canal. First part is almost vertical and the second part is horizontal. They are also very sensitive to different sounds. Dogs and cats can hear and react to sounds that are too low in volume for us to hear or sounds with frequencies out of our hearing range.

PetPhone is designed to direct sound waves downwards to match the vertical ear canal in cats and dogs. PetPhone limits maximum volume level making it comfortable to pets and it also filters some of the sound frequencies displeasing to pets.

  • Do pets like music?

Yes. There are many studies conducted on different animals including dogs that show that pets react to music. Calm and smooth music makes them relax and loud music like heavy metal music makes them anxious. You can easily search these studies on the internet.

  • What type of music and volume do pets prefer?

Pets like soft and smooth music. For example instrumental music, smooth jazz, soft rock etc. Pets do not prefer loud music with heavy bass, for example heavy metal, punk, hard rock etc.

  • Can I use my headphone on my pet?

No. Animals especially dogs and cats have very sensitive hearing sense. Regular headphones are designed for human use and may damage your pets hearing.

  • When can I use it?

Soothing music is usually helpful when you want your dog to rest, when your dog is left alone, or when anxiety or excitement in your dog is anticipated during thunderstorms, fireworks, the arrival of guests or while vacuuming. Other stressful situations for your pet are traveling and crowded places like weddings/parties/airports.

But many times you don’t want to listen to the same music for example, while driving, watching TV, on the phone, guests at your place etc. It is not possible to keep the music on when you are walking/running outside with your dog, at a wedding/party or when traveling especially by public transportation.

In such instances and many more not listed here, PetPhone is very useful. PetPhone is specially designed for pets. Your pet can listen to calming music or your recorded voice indoor or outdoor without disturbing anyone.

  • How to introduce your pet to PetPhone?

Pets usually do not like new wearable in the beginning. But just like everything else (e.g. dog collars, dog boots etc.), your pet will accept and start enjoying PetPhone. Best time to introduce PetPhone to your pet is when he/she is few months old. Keep PetPhone where your pet can see it for a day or two before use. You can give him/her a treat when your pet keeps it on. Turning the music on before putting it on your pet may help. You can also keep the earpiece of PetPhone slightly behind or above the ears and when your pet accepts that, put the earpiece in the ear. You know your pet better so try different tricks and treats. Please let us know what works better so we can help other pets and pet owners.

  • Can my dog/cat lick or chew it?

No. Although it is made especially for your pet, it is an electronic gadget with rechargeable battery, wires and other components. Just like you don’t let your pet play with your cell phone and headphones, you should not let your pet lick or chew PetPhone.

  • Why is it only in medium size?

Medium size will fit most dogs. It will fit if the distance between your dog’s ears is between 6 cm to 13 cm (Approximately 2.5 to 5 inches). It depends on the size of the head more than the size of the dog.

Measurement Tip: Measure total width of your 4 fingers held close together (In adults, it is about 7 cm). When you put your hand on your pet’s forehead, you will have approximate size of your dog’s head.

  • Can I use it on my cat?

Yes. Some cats with bigger head can certainly use PetPhone. We are working on a small size which will better fit cats and small dogs.

  • Is this payment system safe?

Yes. Our website is SSL certified which meant that your data will be encrypted and secure.

We accept most major credit cards and PayPal payment.

  • Where are you located?

We are located in Florida, USA. PetPhone is designed and developed in USA.

Please write us with any further questions or concerns.